Day 4...oh how the time flies...

My vacation is getting closer to the end than I want it to.  I was a little more productive today than yesterday but not much!

My creative bone got the better of me today.  I ended up making Wilkins and Addy 3 bracelets each to match 3 of their outfits for Disney World.  I had bought the beads on Saturday to match the material we picked out.  Making bracelets is a good stress reliever for me and today I had a lot on my mind. 

I have some things that I need worked out for everyone involved.  I just want the best outcome for everyone involved in these few things so anyone who thinks of me say a little prayer.

We did get Haley out of the house for about an hour or so tonight.  Anyone who knows Haley knows that she likes to go, go, go...well I guess that is all of us really.  Anyway she is going stir crazy stuck in the house for the past couple of weeks so we helped her escape to Cozumel (not Mexico...lol just the restaurant)!

The real highlight day was Wilkins again with her clothes or should I say shoes this time!  They were too tight so we had to go with the jelly boots (rain boots) that she wears all the time.  It basically boils down to the fact that she had to wear socks with her tennis shoes which she hates to wear!  She has to wear them with her boots too but they don't bother her as bad.  As soon as she gets home the shoes and socks come off...ugghhh!!!  On top of that the blue jeans she had on was hurting her belly button...really?!!  I don't know if I will have enough hair to deal with this child for the next 16 or so years!!! 

I don't recall being this much trouble with my clothes...I think the payback is going to the wrong one.  LeAnne is the one who used to cry if the seam on her socks weren't straight across her toes, if her shirt wasn't tucked in just right with no wrinkles, or what her hair looked like...NOT ME!!  I need a break...I always came home looking just like I did when I left for school in the morning, bow and all.  Not like Haley who would be lucky to have a bow in her backpack or stains on her clothes.  Why am I having to deal with this and already having to deal with this.  I thought I would have at least a few more years!  Help me...what am I going to do?!  This kid doesn't even know her colors that well and she is already telling me that her bows don't match!!!

Whew I feel a little better now...got any advice (Drea??? Anyone??)  My mom thinks it is funny, of course she does...she agrees with Sis Sherrill!  Laugh all you want but this is absolutely absurd!!!


  1. Oh just wait!!! One day you will be in a store and she will HAVE to have this cute little polka dot skirt and you will look and think "Ok. It's cute and it's on sale." Then you will start looking on the rest of the sale racks for a cute shirt to go with it and she will very politely tell you that NONE (yes I said none) of those shirts match (really? It's a blue and white polka dot skirt and the shirts are all solid white??? What doesn't match?!?!) Ummm.....MOM.....they are the wrong STYLE.... (yes she was 3 and yes she drug that whole sentence out!!!)

    Not my fault.....she's Sherrill's niece!!

  2. All this while Monica and I just sit back and laugh!!!!!! Those girls are precious - enjoy pulling your hair out!!! Right now nothing would make me happier than to have one of them to hug (and fuss with!!!)