Day 1 of my 9 day vacation...

So my plan for my vacation is to get caught up on some stuff...cleaning out closets, getting rid of clothes, toys, etc and just doing some basic spring cleaning.

*Started it by sleeping until 10am...absolutely wonderful!!

*Wilkins and I had a chocolate poptart...I washed some clothes and she watched cartoons. 

*We had Papa John's pizza for lunch and we both took a 2 hour nap...equally as wonderful as sleeping late!

*We then went to Walmart with mom (bought more than what I had originally went for) and to Chick-fil-a for dinner.  We stopped by Haley's house to see Levi and drop off Haley's prescription that we picked up for her.

*Dealt with Wilkins having a MAJOR breakdown over the shirt that went with her pajamas (she didn't think it matched)!!  Also dealt with the next breakdown about 30 minutes later about the same stupid shirt that DOES match!  And dealt with the LAST meltdown about 15 minutes later when she remembered she had on the same shirt!!  Yes three different times about a shirt that she is gonna sleep in that no one is going to see!!  But I guess you can blame it on me because she loves pajamas as much as I do...I just think that it is so sweet to have cute little pajamas.  I am sure one day she will be like me and sleep in a old tshirt and a pair of pajamas pants but until then I will deal with the drama when she thinks she has the wrong shirt on!!  LOL!!

All and all it was a wonderful first day of a very wonderful and productive vacation...  I forgot to mention that this vacation is helping me get ready for our Disney vacation starting on April 6th...WOOHOO!!


  1. You can just throw the towel in now- Kaylee was (and still is) the same way about clothes.... it only gets worse.... the hair is next!

    and shoes...
    and jewelry.....
    and life...........

    these girls did not come with a big enough manual and warning sign!!!

  2. Thanks Drea for the warning sign!! She is almost 3 and her attitude makes me think she is 16 sometimes! The funny thing is she will probably wake up this morning talking about her shirt not matching!!

  3. You girls really DON'T want to hear that there was a generation of girls before these with the same hormones, do you???? LOL And that your mothers who can't figure out how they got old enough to have gray in their hair can remember the drama like it was yesterday. . .Nah - I didn't think you wanted to know! LOL Love you all - and it's SO much easier to laugh at our sweet granddaughters doing it than it was when it was ya'll doing it!!!