30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 1

Day 1:  a picture of myself with 15 facts

  1. My name is Brandy Delane Cardin
  2. My almost 3 yr old daughter is Wilkins Braelee Cardin
  3. I have worked for the same restaurant since Novemeber 2002
  4. I am a full time student at Bethel University
  5. I am the oldest of three girls 
  6. My favorite snack is Fudge Rounds (yummy)
  7. I am a huge Nashville Predators (hockey) fan
  8. I have a very sarcastic personality (a defense of mine)
  9. I am extremely caring and tender hearted (secretively)
  10. I love, love, love Disney World
  11. I am not good at forgetting the bad things
  12. My best memories are with some friends I barely talk to anymore (life gets in the way)
  13. I love to blog about everything and nothing
  14. I speak my mind too much when I should keep my mouth shut
  15. Lastly, I love being a mom to a little mini me!!

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