30 Day Photo Challenge/Day 8 (caught up)

A picture that makes you laugh

I have a few pictures that really make me laugh and it was really hard to choose.
I had to upload both of these so that you could understand.
The first one is LeAnne with a knee high on her face and the second
one is Lucas reacting to it!!  You just have to know how LeAnne aka Yaya 
tortures Lucas because he is afraid of everything.  
And, yes I know that you probably think what kind of twisted people
take pleasure out of seeing Lucas be tortured by LeAnne.  If you see what 
his reaction is to this then you can only imagine what we see in person!!


  1. lol...I forgot about that picture!!!I think I cried I laughed so hard that night.

  2. OK- you win.... this is the funniest one yet!!!