Day 2 of 9...

Well, today is day #2 of my vacation and it turned out to be not as productive!!  It was rainy and dreary...just one of those days where you just want to lay around and watch tv.

*I got up at 830 and Wilkins slept until 930 so I had an extra hour to myself (to do nothing of course)!  She woke up with the same thing on her mind that she went to bed with last night...the matching pajamas that she thought didn't match!!  So I quickly ended that dramatic spat by putting her some clothes on...ha nip that one right in the butt!!

*Mom and I ended up running to Walmart (again of course) which Wilkins thinks is the greatest place in the world next to Disney World of course.

*We then decided we were hungry (we didn't leave the house until after 12) so me, mom, and Wilkins went to Red Lobster for lunch (Sorry Haley...you are still stuck on bed rest). 

*Then on to JoAnn's Fabric to pick out some stuff for mom to make for the little ones (Addy, Lucas, Logan, and Wilkins) outfits for our Disney trip without their parents (again sorry Haley :{).  Spent a lot of time in there and then when we went to pay it came up to almost $200...whoops gotta be something wrong.  I mean we love to by material, ribbon, and beads but there is an error somewhere!!  Yep the woman who cut the fabric put 25 yards instead of 2.5...problem solved and crisis averted!!!

*We got home about 4 and did absolutely nothing the rest of the evening (Mom and Kelsey went to church).  I groomed Wilkins aka gave her a bath, washed her hair, clipped her fingernails and toenails, and then painted her fingernails hot pink...her choice not mine!! 

*She hasn't taken a nap all day so we are now watching Aristocats and soon to be asleep.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday and maybe I will be way more productive tomorrow than I was today!!

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  1. That is just wrong. I have been begging for Red Lobster!!