Tantrums over clothes...already?!

Wilkins is already throwing tantrums over clothes!!  Do they really start at 2 years old?  Literally this afternoon I had put some shorts on Wilkins and then decided to put on a pair of capris that looked better with her shirt.  So I said take those shorts off and her response was "no, match".  So I started taking them off of her and she started crying and saying "match"!!  Oh my goodness!!  She doesn't even know what color she had on but she cried anyway.  This crying fit went on for at least 30 minutes and she just kept pulling on the capris and saying "match".

What is it going to be like in a year or 5 years?!  Please pray for my sanity...


  1. It is only the beginning and just think your Mom had 3 girls to argue with over what they were going to wear!!!! Maybe Wilkins swallowed a bug and it made her go crazy????? That is what Briley told us the other day and it was making him disobey everything we said! As you can imagine I can't wait to see what his excuses are going to be when he is 16! lol =]

  2. HI I'm an au-pair of two wonderful little girls (When they want to be) the older one is 5 and younger one is 4. we have fights about clothers every morning. one that i will never forget with the older one is. her mom was away and we have been fighting about every piece of clothing as i wanted her to wear warmer clothers due to the weather obviously she didn't want to and so i told her after a number of arguments that she must do what she wants to do ... after 5 min i was feeding the horses and she came out of the kitchen screeming im going to do what i want to do a few min later i walk back into the house and find her watching tv so i leave her and work with the smaller one who was being an angel. when it came to school time i picked up the younger one's bag and greeted the older one. she was shocked at me greeting her and i replied in a calm and kind voice you said you were going to do what you want so enjoy your day. she came running out crying after i started my car and jumped in i turn around and told her to get out as she was not dressed teeth not brushed hair not done etc. after a few min she came out with half a pony tail tooth past all over her face and got in the car i was silent and drove to school when i had calmed down i spoke to her and said the next time she want to do what she wants she must not expect me to do anything for her bla bla bla and she appoligised and realised she need to listen or she gets left behind.. the younger one a few days later decided to do nearly the same thing but instead she would respond to everything but refused to get dressed so i looked the clotheing and by the time it got to getting in the car she was still in her night clother and i took her to school just like that let me tell you the next morning she very quickly got dressed... i would love to get in contact with you mommy's as a nanny to learn about more about your kids and what levels you are on maybe you have some tips for me aswell