Something small...

....that makes me a proud mommy!

Wilkins was taking a bath playing with her toys as she always does while I was sitting downstairs.  All of the sudden I hear the pitter patter of little feet coming down the stairs...naked and dripping wet.  So I take her upstairs to officially dry her off and pick her toys up out of the bathtub...SURPRISE!!  My little two year old  girl had picked all of her toys up out of the tub and put them in the little basket.  She does listen...I always make her pick them up but I always have to tell her but today she did it all by herself....so proud!! 

Don't worry Stephanie...I will blog about grandaddy's party and post some pictures in the next couple of days!  Takes so long to upload pictures but I have a couple good ones of EK and Wilkins!!

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