Happy 4th of July...

Well, I started my wonderful Independence Day like most everyone else did...slept in, lounged around, got in the pool, ate some lunch, and just enjoyed a wonderful day off...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I got up at 4am to go to work and make sure all you people who slept in got your fill of eggs and bacon!!  But after I left work, my day turned out pretty good.  We did our annual thing which is go to Murfreesboro and sit around, cook hot dogs, and just spend time letting the kids run around.  We have been doing this with Patty, Billmon, and their kids for probably 5 years or more and every year we look forward to it.  We don't do anything but sit back in our chairs and talk...super fun! 

I was worried that Wilkins would be scared of the fireworks but she loved it...here are some pictures:

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