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So this past weekend was kind of bittersweet...a friend of mine, Bethany (Black) Walker's dad died suddenly of a heart attack.  I am sure you have all read about how alone he has been since his wife died back in January so I won't go into all the details.  Bro Jerry was probably one of the nicest men I knew and he was a wonderful father to his girls.  I remember many times spending the night with Bethany and never once did he try to quiet us down (even though he was probably ready to pull his hair out)!  I feel for Bethany...I can't imagine being 31 with three kids and losing both of my parents within 6 months of each other.  The one thing that I really enjoyed about this weekend though was seeing everyone I grew up with.  It seems like everyone you ever knew always shows up at a funeral and you get to looking back, remembering the good ol' days.

Chanda (Guffey) Gilliam is probably one of my closest friends to this day.  We don't see each other often, we don't talk on the phone much but when we are around each other it's as if we see each other everyday.  I love to be around her especially when she is in that crazy Chanda mode...if you know her you know what I mean!

LeAnne (Pritchett) Fortner aka partner in crime (growing up).  I can't think of a road we didn't travel.  I am not sure why but her and I haven't really talked a lot in the past few years even when we have seen each other.  Here recently though we emailed a couple of times and then this weekend when we saw each other it was like old times again.  We laughed, did a little gossiping, remembered some crazy things, and laughed some more.  I can honestly say she was my best friend and probably knew me better than anyone and probably still does know me better than anyone.  That just goes to show what kind of bond we share and I hope it never breaks but only continues to grow.  And of course, she married another good friend...Shannon!  I absolutely loved Shannon growing up and I would like to say I had a small hand in them two getting together.  One word for Shannon...spanks!!!  Inside joke....

Like I said a bittersweet weekend....I love to see old friends and I hope that we make time to get together again soon...

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