Fun Friday....

So this was a good day...

Of course, any day that I don't have a work is typically a good day!

I took Wilkins, Lucas, and Addy to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D at noon which was an adventure in itself.  The adventure started with the guy at the concession counter spilling the BIG bag of popcorn when handing it to me.  I was trying to pay and keep all three kids herded together while also trying to get Wilkins to stop eating the popcorn off the floor!  Finally I just gave up...I mean what could it really hurt anyway.  How dirty could that floor possibly be?!  Then we get in the movie and get everyone settled down for the hour long previews only for Addy to tell me she needs to go potty.  So I told Lucas to sit still and not move while I took both girls to the bathroom.  I know I am terrible for leaving him sitting by himself but I just couldn't imagine gathering up all their cokes, 3D glasses, popcorn, etc... Just in case you were wondering he was still there when I got back!
Then 5 minutes after Toy Story 3 started, it stopped!  We were informed there were some technical difficulties...try explaining that to two 4 yr olds and keeping a 2 yr old occupied!  Lots of fun...  They got the movie going again and I really can't tell you a whole lot about it.  I mean what I saw I enjoyed but Wilkins drank way too much Sprite because she ended up going to the bathroom 3 times and Lucas had to go only once.  So I would say they did pretty good considering.  And yes everytime I took Wilkins to the bathroom I left Lucas and Addy sitting their by their selves.  And everytime I returned they were still there...THANK GOODNESS!  The kids really loved the movie and Wilkins has been carrying around Lucas' Woody doll since we got home.

About 15 minutes after we got home, Laura from Studio Z called and wanted to know if I could bring Wilkins up there to be a model for their new ice cream parlor set they built.  So I grabbed Wilkins, a couple of outfits for them to pick from and took off.  Wilkins did really good and even though she isn't getting paid to be their model, we scored a free picture!  Maybe she will do more modeling for them and save me some money when it comes to buying pictures...one can only hope! 

So all in all a pretty good day...I even got about an hour and a half nap today!!


  1. I can not believe you left my child sitting in a movie theater by his self. LOL. I am super surpirsed he didn't flip out! LOL He is such a big chicken...