...is the key. 

Why is it so hard to communicate with some people?!  I say one thing, they hear another.  I say it again and they get defensive and feel like I am judging them.  I don't know what else to do.  I brought up the subject casually and they shut it down.  I said we have to talk about it and they refuse.  I don't raise my voice, yet they do and get upset. 

Why is it so hard to have a conversation with some people?!  They want me to pretend that this great big elephant in the room isn't there...but it is!!  This is not something that is going to go away...this is something that is just going to drive a wedge between us.  What else can I do?! 

If I sound judgemental, I don't mean to.  I am not trying to.  I just want answers.  I don't like not knowing about something that effects me, Wilkins, and our lives.  Is there really anything wrong with that?!  Keeping things a secret that shouldn't be will eventually blow up in your face.  Please...I am sick of this same old stuff.  I want to move on from it and never go back to it...  Unfortunately, we will never get past this if you continue to avoid the dreaded conversation, if you continue to hide things.

Communication is the key...

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