Should be sleeping...

...but I am not!  I have just enjoyed having a 3 day weekend away from work.  It has been very relaxing and just a little productive!  I should be going to bed right now but unfortunately I am not the least bit sleepy!

I have been reading everyone's blogs about their kids starting school and let me just say THANK GOODNESS it's not me!!  I still have a couple of years left and hopefully by that time my life will have a little more order to it.

I am in the process of going to school which requires me to go to Nashville every Thursday night from 6pm-10pm.  This Thursday will be the 3rd class I will attend and let me just say it is very overwhelming!!  I have not been to school much less written a paper in over 11 years!  Now not only do I have to write a 5 page paper, at least, every week, I also have to read anywhere from 75-100 pages.  Super stressed (sorry mom)!  Each class is only 5 weeks which means they have to cram a lot in those 20 hours.  And because I know very little about college hours I just found out I am a full time student.

So full time mom, student, and manager...CRAZY!!  I also got my school schedule and let's just say I will be going to class almost every Thursday until April 2012...yikes!!  So if anyone wants to do anything such as shop, eat, or just go to a movie you can pretty much rule out Thursdays!!!!

Actually, you can probably rule me out until after the first of the year all together.  I am suppose to start working 6 days starting the first week of September too and I have no idea how long that is going to last. 

Well, enough venting for now...let me close this post out on a funny note...

I woke up to Wilkins standing in her bed naked from the waste down and her first words were "hi mommy"!  Goofy girl....

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