Childbirth is a piece of cake...

...compared to going to the dentist!!  Those of you who disagree then you are NUTS!!  I went to the dentist this morning and left feeling like I had been hit by a freight train!  I had TWO ROOT CANALS along with a TOOTH EXTRACTION which is just a fancy way of saying "yanking the tooth out however it will come".  No kidding that is what it felt like.

I was literally curled up in a ball while it took my dentist at least 45 minutes to get all of my tooth out.  She had to cut it into two pieces and I would not be surprised if she wasn't standing on the side of the chair pulling as hard as she could to get it out!!  I don't know because I didn't open my eyes...I was afraid I would see her face and it would be straining!!!  Anyway, after sawing it into two pieces, cutting into my bone to get all the roots, a few stitches later, about 20 shots to try to numb it, she finally got it out. 

This was also a glorious day because I have officially finished my first class at school!  Five weeks later and I have completed an entire class...it is kind of rewarding.  I didn't get to give my five minute presentation because of my swollen jaw and I didn't do as much class participation as I normally do but oh well.  Some were proably glad that I wasn't talking...LOL!  I doubt it though because I think that I am pretty interesting!!!  :)

This was my only day off and I spent it at the dentist and at school so I didn't get a whole lot more accomplished.  I have so much to do in the next 3 days and I work every one of them.  I am leaving to go to Alcoa on Sunday at 2pm for some training and I am really worried.  I have never been away from Wilkins for more than a night or so.  I am going to be there until Wednesday evening so anybody who thinks about me please pray.  I would say pray for Wilkins too but they always say parents miss their kids more than the kids miss their parents...

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  1. I, honestly, think you needed someone else to pull the tooth/do the root canals. I'm in college now for Dental Assisting, and I've been through many clinicals so far, and I've seen plenty of root canals and extractions to know that your dentist must be on something for you to hurt THAT bad. Did she pull the right tooth? The tooth obviously didn't wanna come out.. ha ha.. I don't know anything about dentistry (as far as the dentist part of it) but I have learned enough to know that it shouldn't have been that bad. You may want to get a 2nd opinion at another Dentist... just saying..lol

    Get to feeling better, girl!

    And good luck to you (and Wilkins) this coming week :) She'll be fine- you're right, kids have way more fun with grandparents.. to a certain extent. After all, they let you do all the things mommy won't let you do ;)