Some people...

....love to bring other people down.  I don't understand it!  Why is that some people enjoying not only bringing someone down but also kicking them while they are down?! 

When someone is trying to hurt someone in my family it really irritates me.  Especially when you are messing with someone who is like a brother to me.  Kyle and I have been extremely close since we were kids and now that he is having to deal with this ridiculous stuff it really hurts me.  I don't know too many people who doesn't love Kyle and if you don't then there is something wrong with you.

So anyone who knows Kyle please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  Pray that he has the strength to carry this burden and face the nay sayers that exist.  Pray for our family to have the strength to support him.  We are a close a family and we will always stick together so if you want to mess with one you better be ready to deal with all.  And let me say thank you to the tons and tons of people who are supporting him in this very trying time.  We love you all!!


  1. My sweet daddy used to say on a regular basis "God loves us all just alike - there are no big "i's" nor little "you's". God is faithful no matter what the trial - faithful to all who trust Him. So glad you realize there are so many holding you all up before Him in prayer, and knowing He can deliver.

  2. Kyle was just at Trenton the other day and me and Buddy were saying how good he always does in church. We think he is top notch

  3. I know you don't even know me Brandy but I love your family.. my BFF is Beth and I've got to know Haley, LeAnn & "Aunt" Monica over the past couple of months and OML I am IN LOVE with your family!!! I think of them as my family and since I am Beth's BFF they are my family :) and so for Kyle he is my hero, he came to Hytop the past 3rd weekend & DID WONDERFUL I was on my feet supporting him.. so for me and my husband we are behind Kyle 100% and love him & your family!!!