Playing catch up....

 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Halloween weekend was super busy!!  Besides working all three of those days we also went to a Halloween party at the church on Friday night, the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday, and then a birthday party Sunday afternoon, trick or treating that night! It was super eventful to say the least. 

Wilkins had a lot of fun and got tons of candy which of course left her bouncing off the walls.

She wanted to be so many things for Halloween that I just got tired of hearing it all and picked something out myself.  She started with telling everyone she wanted to be a "halloween party"...gotta give her credit it is pretty original!  We laughed at her when she would tell people that because they would just look at me like "did she really just say that".  She then wanted to be Jessie, Mickey (yes Mickey not Minnie), Peter Pan, a princess, Tinker Bell, etc...so we went with Dorothy because it was super cute (pretty inexpensive).

Mom, dad, and I took her to the pumpkin patch by herself which wasn't as much fun as it wouldn't have been if the rest of the kids had of got to gone.  She had fun though and that's all that matters.  Here is the funny thing though...her little pumpkin has been sleeping in the bed with her!  Very uncomfortable I might add!

I know it is uncomfortable because she has been sleeping in my bed for the past couple of months.  When we moved we took down her baby bed and was looking for a "big girl bed".  I took forever finding what I wanted for her but I finally did and it was delivered today!  Yaya and I painted her room last night and of course Wilkins helped....yikes!  Today they delivered her bedroom suite and I got her comforter and all on both beds....she was super excited to have her own bed!  I will post pictures soon when I get everything put together but here is an idea:

Two black twin beds with polka dot comforters, turquoise walls, striped curtains, Minnie and Daisy picture....you got the theme yet?!  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....it is turning out to be super cute.  Can't wait to take pictures and show you.

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