Thanksgiving Weekend....

Wilkins xmas outfit mom made her...
she literally stopped traffic

...what a fun weekend?!  As soon as I got off work (a wonderfully steady, organized, and completely fun day...NOT) on Thursday mom, Wilkins, and I took off to Pigeon Forge to get busy shopping!

We left Murfreesboro at about 6pm in the pouring rain to make it to Pigeon Forge to hit the Disney Store by 11pm.  Wilkins slept the majority of the trip and then was a trooper while we shopped.  She was in her pjs and had a blast and believe it or not she was up until 4am with us.  We got tons of good deals even though it was a miserable experience because of the steady drizzle of rain.  IHOP was the happening place to go to but it was good and hit the spot then off to bed we went.  Slept until about 11am Friday, ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and then off we went shopping again.

This is the outfit that had everyone's head turning everywhere we went all day long. 

Wilkins posing with
Santa and Rudolph

It was kind of odd with just me, mom, and Wilkins running around without LeAnne and Haley but at the same time it was also fun.  We went to the Christmas Shoppe which Wilkins loved.  She was like a kid in a candy store.  It was so funny watching her running around looking at all the different stuff.

Wilkins was all about posing for pictures.  She kept saying "mum mum take a picture".  She has started calling me that for some reason and refers to herself in the third person now all the time.  Who knows?!  She is changing everyday...it is absolutely amazing to me.  Her eyes tell exactly what she is feeling which is something she definitely gets from me.  She counts to 12 and must have learned it from Nick Jr because none of us taught it to her.  She is almost to  smart for her own good. 
The closest Wilkins will get to Santa
and this one is fake and I still had
to make her!

 After doing some more shopping and running into someone I had rather not have, (someone who claimed to care about and use to call themself a friend of our family) we went to Aunt Sheila and Uncle Herbie's cabin to eat some leftovers with them along with Aunt Veta, Kyle, Amy, and Debra and let Wilkins play with Ellie (Emily) and Blake.  The kids had a blast and we adults just sat around talked and laughed.

Wilkins and Blake watching the
Wizard of Oz
Wilkins played with play dough for the first time (unless she has at Yaya's house) I think.  And now all she talks about is "play dough".   

Uncle Herbie, Ellie, Blake, and Wilkins
watching Wizard of Oz
Who knows what they are talking about?!
Kyle playing with the kids...
I think he was having more fun.
Then on Saturday we met up with the rest of the clan again to let the kids ride race cars and play some games.  Unfortunately we had to drag Wilkins and Blake away crying.

Wilkins and I riding her first race car




Uncle Herbie with Wilkins and Blake


  1. Brandy, I'm so sorry you feel that way about seeing me. I love you and all of your family and have for many years.

    You know who I am.

  2. Makes me ready for January! I know you missed me!! LOL