In response to this comment on my previous post:

Brandy, I'm so sorry you feel that way about seeing me. I love you and all of your family and have for many years. You know who I am.

By Anonymous on Thanksgiving Weekend.... on 11/28/10

By being anonymous could make you a lot of different people because as we all know Pigeon Forge is the happening place to go for all of us southerners so seeing a familiar face isn't unheard of. 

As far as loving my family...what that means to me and to you must mean different things.  When you love someone, especially for years, you support them.  If you disagree with one's actions or opinions you either confront that one person but you do not judge them. Whether this person is wrong or not it is not your place to decide nor your place to openly hurt them.  As far as I am concerned, who has time to fight battles that is of no concern to them...don't we have enough battles of our own to fight?!  Life is hard enough without our "lifelong" friends making it more difficult.  

I am not trying to start a battle with anyone...I am only supporting my family and friends because I love them and will not be the one who judges their actions.  Like my mom always tells me..."Think before you speak or act because your actions and words have consequences."

Not Anonymous....

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