The Cardin Family Reunion Weekend...

The Cardin Family Reunion...need I say more?!
We had lots and lots of fun...tons of laughs and lots of strolls down memory lane!  We love spending the weeked every year in cabins doing absolutely nothing except for eating and talking...two things us Cardins do well!  This is the one time a year when all of our kids get to play and run wild...no naps, no bedtime, no certain meal time...just acting like the little devils they can be!!  I would load more pictures but it takes to stinkin' long and unfortunately I have a lot of things to do and not a whole lot of time. 

I loaded this picture because Aunt Veta, Aunt Thelma, and Aunt Betty are the only three remaining children of Harvey (my great grandaddy) and Myrtle (my great grandmother).  These are the three that keep this tradition going.  What a wonderful weekend it turned out to be...unfortunately, it ended on a not so good note.  Tiffany (daughter of Donnie and Anita Cardin) is in really bad shape.  She is needing a kidney transplant really bad...we are not sure how she is still surviving, to be perfectly honest.  Please if you read this pray for her so that maybe next year she will be able to enjoy the reunion and watch her little boy run wild with all of our kids...

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