On a break....

...at school! 

The last two weeks has been pretty busy!!  I have worked from 5am until about 5 or 6pm.  I am also in school for four hours every Thursday night.  Plus I went to visit one of my favorite cousins, Kyle and Amy on Monday night after work.  I got home at midnight and very minimal sleep for work on Tuesday.  It was super fun, though, just goofing off with them, my sisters, my mom, Aunt Sheila, Uncle Herbie, and Debra.  On top of that I am still a mother...so needless to say I am so super tired.  I am sitting in a pretty boring class going over the basics to Microsoft Word.  Luckily, I only have to go into work for about 2 hours tomorrow and then I am done for the weekend!  Yeaaaa!!!

On another note, my little girl is getting way to big for her britches!!  She has got a very BIG attitude for those very small britches and she is about to wear me out. 

But the fun starts tomorrow....the Cardin reunion!!  If you are brave feel free to join us at Rock Island Park.  We will be up late laughing and telling stories and of course EATING!!  I will definitely be putting some interesting pictures up on Monday or sometime next week....

Gotta go now because our break is over so I need to start paying attention...by the way I got an A on my first class!!  GO ME!!

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