So let me tell you about my last week...

Not only have I been moving which we all know sucks no matter how organized you are, but I also had to be at work at 5am everyday!! YUK!! On top of that Wilkins started running a fever of 103 on Friday so no Halloween party for her...oh yes I was actually prepared and bought her costume about a month ago so big waste of money!! I was up with her all night because she was absolutely miserable so I went to work with absolutely no sleep!! Unfortunately when I am at work I feel like I have 150 kids...my employees have the ability to drive me absolutely bannanas!!! The world solely revolves around them so they think!

Wilkins' 2nd Halloween was spent at home in my arms running a fever again!! Bless her heart while all her cousins were out getting lots of candy she was home taking lots of medicine!! And then of course the time change...you would think that I would be happy about getting an extra hour but it didn't really work out that way!! Have you ever heard of anyone being LATE when you get to fall back an hour...NO!! Well, I was!! I was gonna be on the safe side and set my clock (cell phone) back an hour before I went to bed but low and behold it went back another hour!! I fell back 2 hours!! I was suppose to be at work at 5 am and when I actually realized it was 5:15 instead of 4:15 I almost crapped my pants!! So needless to say I was about 30 minutes late for work and looked a HOT MESS!! But who cares...

After all that I come home to a sick baby who literally screams like she is in serious pain for 2 hours!! I couldn't do anything for her...nothing would relax her. So Haley and LeAnne came over after church to see if they could help but she was just so miserable. They called Bro Pat and a bunch of people from Smyrna to meet back over at the church at 930pm to pray for her. And thank goodness they did! She was asleep when they got back home and slept the entire night!! What a relief it was to get a full night's sleep?!

Unfortunately, her fever came back that afternoon so I went ahead and took her to the doctor only to be told she had "rotavirus" which has now turned into "roseola"!! My poor child has a rash on her and is absolutely itching to death and there is nothing that can be done except for to ride it out!!

I know this sounds a little whiny but this is nothing compared to what the Kellys are going through! So I will continue to keep Miss Kensley in my prayers and be thankful that I only have to deal with a little rash...

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