Thanksgiving...exhausting but loads of fun!

Well, we were together all day long in one house and everyone survived!!  It seems like our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger!  There are 13 just in my immediate family and then Patty, Billmon, Cody, Katie, Chris, and Kylie thrown in makes for a pretty fun filled day!!  With all of our winning personalities and sick sense of humor it couldn't get any better!!
This year Haley went all Paula Deen on us...she had the table set with mom's good dishes (she never uses them).  We had all the food on the table and we were going to try to be like on tv where everyone passes the dish around the table but that didn't work for us!!  We ended up passes the plates around!!  LOL
We have to have 3 tables because there are so many of us...the adults at one, the 4 little ones at one, and then the 3 older kids at another one.

After we sit and eat for a good solid hour...minus the tv which is really hard for Bradley and Michael (they love them some football) we eat some more of course!! It is Thanksgiving after all!! What a feast!!  Haley bought a new game this year Pictionary Man or something like that.  We played that which ended up being harder than we thought it would be.  LeAnne, the smartest of all of us (NOT), thought she did real well drawing out "Gusty" which come to find out was "Gutsy"! 
Thank goodness she says because she wouldn't be able to draw that!! What a dork!! We played the guys against the girls and of course ladies we know who is smarter...the LADIES!! We wore them out...it just goes to show that guys are not the brightest crayons in the box... The scary part was LeAnne and Katie were the only two that could guess each other's drawings!!  It was almost like they were sharing a brain which in their case is probably not far off!!! LOL

Enough Pictionary...it was definitely time to eat again and try our hand at some back alley!! Not exactly sure who won at back alley because I took that opportunity to take me a nap!! All that eating can wear a person out!!


I do know that the kids really enjoyed playing outside today...I think that they ended up digging some big hole out behind dad's building!!  Hopefully it won't fall over!!  Ha!  Wouldn't that be hilarious?! 
Look at Will and Logan looking all sweet...they are definitely plotting something!!!  These two are very sweet looking but very sneaky too!!! Funny thing is they were covered in tree sap and Will kept wanting LeAnne to cut his hair because he had gotten it in it!! Their hands and arms were covered!! And if you have ever had tree sap on you...well, you know how difficult it is to get off!!

 After everyone left, I put Wilkins in the tub while I helped clean up and little did we know that sneaky little Logan helped himself to a bath too!!! Oh yeah...fully clothed!!! He didn't think anything about it either!! That was the best ending to a great day!!! What can you do but laugh!!

Now to do Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel for the next 5 days straight...I am glad today was as relaxing as it was.  A lot of good times with great laughs and fun games to start off a very busy, hectic week for me.  Five days of straight turkey, dressing, and all the fixings with very long hours to feed all these crazy people who don't know good home cooking!!  Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Day with your families...and enjoy all the great deals on Black Friday as I will too for the first time in 8 years!!  Finishing an exhausting week with an all night shopping extravaganza...what could be better?!!!

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