Praying for Kensley

It has been quite a while since I have even posted anything...a little girl named Kinsley Kelly is in desperate desperate need of our prayers. I can't say that I have even met this little girl but I do know her family.
I grew up with her parents and was around them and her grandparents quite a bit growing up. I think very highly of her family and know that they do not deserve to be in this situation. I can't imagine what Melissa is feeling...as I sit here and write this I imagine what if this was my little girl and a tear comes to my eye. Would I be as strong as she is? I feel like there is more I should be doing but at the same time, what?!
Kensley has been on my heart and mind since the moment I found out. I am constantly checking my facebook page, texting, checking the "Praying for Kensley" group, and updating everyone I know on how she is doing. I have worked the last two days, physically I am there but emotionally and mentally I am somewhere else. The only things that can be done at this point is praying and donating so I challenge you all to donate all you can and pray more than you normally do.

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