Our Vacation...lots of pictures

We are back from Disney and I am back to reality...(unfortunately)!!

My (our) trip started off a little rocky...Tuesday night I am sitting at home, watching tv when I get a text from mom saying they had just landed in Florida!  I was so super jealous...my family was in Florida and I was still in Tennessee not leaving until the next morning.  About 30 minutes later I receive a phone call from mom saying that grandaddy was unresponsive and there was an ambulance on the way.  So I talk to Kyle and Scott and they were both on their way to grandaddy's house.  I tell them to keep me informed.  Uncle Herbie calls and asks me if I want to ride down with him and Aunt Sheila but I don't know what to do because I have a flight to catch at 7am.  I try calling my mom, Haley, LeAnne, and dad but no one answers.  At this point all I know is what Kyle has called and told me which is grandaddy is awake and talking and he recognized everyone. So I don't know what to do.  I, unfortunately, find out what it is like to be hundreds of miles away from all of my immediate family and not be able to get a hold of anyone...I DON'T LIKE IT!  I am used to being able to get a hold of mom, LeAnne, or Haley at all times or at least being able to drive five minutes down the road to their house (except for LeAnne, now).  Either way I finally talk to mom and decide to just wait til the morning to see what they say about grandaddy.  I got up at 5am expecting to see a text from someone letting me know what is going on but NOTHING! So I call and wake up mom to find out everything is ok for now...so off to Disney we go!!

On the airplane..

After a short plane ride to Atlanta to switch planes, off to Orlando we go...finally arriving in Orlando about 1PM. We finally get to our hotel (exhausted) to find everyone waiting on us to go to Magic Kingdom!! And all I want to do is SLEEP!!! But we don't of course!

2/29/12  Magic Kingdom

Getting ready for the Move It! Shake It! Block Party

My stupid sisters with my mom doing what she does best:
Talking on the phone!!


Wilkins and Logan dancing their little hearts out

Watching the fireworks...

Levi watching the fireworks...

I don't know what he was doing...goofball!

It's A Small World

3/1/12 Hollywood Studios
Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare

Mary Poppins introducing herself to Bradley
(because he didn't know who she was)!

When she walked off Bradley said,
"Well, I have never watched the Sound of Music."

One of our favorites:  The Beauty and the Beast show

Wilkins loves this show...

Addy hula hooping...she is pretty good at it too!!
3/2/12  Epcot
Breakfast at Norway
Dinner at The Garden Grill
Who knows?!

In the Princess Procession at Norway...
She looks so sweet!!  Deceiving!!

Sleeping Beauty


Belle...Will took this picture!! 

Snow White



Jasmine and Aladdin

Addy Mae and Wilkins

Will, Addy Mae, and Wilkins

the Beast.  They were a little unsure...

Riding Soarin

Mickey and Wilkins at Gardin Grill


Wilkins being silly


Who knows what she is doing...

The lady bug dessert that mom let Levi eat that eventually
he threw up ALL over me on the bus that night!  DISGUSTING!

3/3/12 Animal Kingdom
Dinner at The Whispering Canyon Cafe'

Wilkins with Flik

Waiting patiently on the safari to see her favorite:
Giraffes!  She was determined to take a baby giraffe
home with her!!  It was hard to convince her otherwise.

He was being silly!  What a face?!

Waiting to see the Lion King...

the girls...

Addy and Lucas
(the good ones...I will take these two over Wilkins
and Logan anyday!!)

Wilkins and Logan
(the ones with VERY vivid imginations)

Levi loving the Lion King

Wilkins, Logan, and Lucas dancing in the Lion King show

Wilkins with Miss Bunny

Wilkins with Pocahontas

Wilkins with Thumper

My sisters being goofballs!!

They look so sweet here...

Wilkins riding her pony thru the restaurant...


I asked for a fork and this is what I got!!

Michael asked for a little more to drink...LOL!!

The Birthday Boy
3/4/12 Downtown Disney
Breakfast at Ohana'
Magic Kingdom

Who knows?!

Levi and those two fingers he loves!!

Wilkins dancing around the restaurant
Wilkins trying to do her hand like Lilo

Logan with Stitch
About to ride her favorite...
the Tea Cups

My little 'mini me"

Tried to get a picture of Haley's teacup but
somehow ended up with this...HILARIOUS!!

But finally got Haley's...

For some reason they give 3 yr olds a 'driver's license'!!

Trying to watch the road and talk!!  LOL!!

Dad sat in gum...and we had a few laughs at his expense!!

3/5/12 Downtown Disney
Dinner at Narcosse'
Magic Kingdom

She loves Mr Potato Head

Buzz made out of Legos

Doesn't he look "big and bad"...NOT!
Wilkins' cookie...
My DELICIOUS rice crispy treat!!

Wilkins and Logan is one of those funny mirrors

Wilkins being crazy...

Bradley's food

My food...Lobster tail with Filet Mignon...yummy!

Dad's food...a whole Lobster

Strawberry Shortcake...super good!

Cheesecake...even better!

It was a great trip and can't wait to go back again!!! 

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  1. Hey do you have any Disney themed outfits from previous years of Wilkins that you want to sale? We are going in Sep