Cleaning is never ending...

I just got home from an 11 hour day and I haven't stopped yet.  I know that if I even remotely sit down for 2 seconds I will not be getting back up!!  I know I am not the only mom out there but I am just exhausted and need to vent a little.

I have been working a crazy amount of hours the last couple of months and it is time well invested in the future of my career.  I just feel like I need a break but I can't turn my brain off even when I am a way from work!! 

I will say that Wilkins has been doing a very good job the last couple of days picking up after herself which is huge (for all you that are moms you know what I mean).  At first it was a fight every night before bed to clean up her toy room or when we come in the house to take her shoes to her closet but not now.  All I have to do now is just remind her and listen to her say "yes mam mommy"....music to my ears!! 

I know it has been a while but that's all I got time for right now...

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