Wilkins saw the light...


The light fixture which had a dome shape to it fell out of Wilkins' closet and hit her directly on top of her.

Lucas put his arm around her back to lead her to me and she had already stopped crying.  But when Lucas pulled his arm away from her it was covered in blood.  I grab Wilkins and put my hand over her head to try to stop the bleeding.  Unfortunately blood was gushing from her head and I couldnt find the exact spot.  Mom grabbed a towel which I put on her head.  Wilkins was fine as far as crying an all...I mean she literally looked at the blood all over me and her and said "mommy this is gross.". Kids!?

I, on the other hand, was kind of freaking out on the inside because I cant get the bleeding to stop.  We end up takin her to the emergency room and after sitting and waiting for a doctor for over 3 hours we are told the head bleeds alot (in case you were curious) and they dont like to do stitches on the head if they can help it.  Since it had already clotted (after 3 hours its a good thing) we were told to just keep an eye on it for infection!!

I hate emergency rooms!!

A week later it looks disgusting and still bleeds everytime I wash her hair or try to clean it a little.  It is absolutely gross but all is well...

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