Wilkins' 3rd Birthday...

It's my party and I'll cry if I want too!!!

After a long day of running around, gathering donations for the tornado victims of our hometown, we decided to go ahead and take Wilkins to Chucky Cheese for her birthday.

I could have just went home and went to bed but the things we do for our kids...

She was such a good sport all day that I hated not to do a little something so after being out all day we ran home, unloaded our vehicles, changed clothes, Haley stopped at Publix and picked up a small cake.  It was just me, mom, Haley, LeAnne, the kids, and Haley's neices Shelby and Mckenzie but the kids had fun and that is all that matters. 

All she kept asking for was candles for her birthday so when Logan blew them out as soon as we lit them she had a melt down.  But all turned out well in the end.  Now if only we can get it together to reschedule her birthday party that was cancelled last Saturday due to the tornadoes all well be great!! 

Tomorrow and Wednesday will be very busy getting all this stuff organized and to Alabama but I am really looking forward to getting it all down there.  However, I am not looking forward to seeing my hometown destroyed.  I have so many memories tied to so many different places there that it is going to be really hard to see.

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