Happy 3rd Birthday Wilkins!

I can't believe that Wilkins will be 3 years old tomorrow.  In light of everything that has been going on her birthday has kind of gotten away from me.  She was suppose to have a birthday party this past Saturday but with the tornadoes affecting so many of our friends and family we decided to postpone it for a couple of weeks. 

And now with this Clothing and Toiletry Drive, I find myself sitting here realizing I haven't even bought her one thing for her birthday...absolutely horrible!!  So sometime tomorrow between picking up everyone's donations and getting it all organized while trying to fit in time to write an 8 page paper (which I should be doing now instead of blogging) we are going to somehow have a small get together for her birthday. 

So before I bring this blog to a close I would just like to say that I am extremely grateful that all of my family was unharmed by these tornadoes because most of them were only a minute away from where all of them hit.  Unfortunately, I can't say that for a lot of our friends so my heart goes out to them.  Not only have many deaths been lost but a lot of places destroyed that have a lot of good memories for me.  So on Wednesday will probably be hard going to the place where I grew up and seeing that a lot of it is gone.  So for now just keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers...especially the families that have loved ones missing because I think that is the worse thing, not knowing.


  1. Tell Wilkins we said Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Well Happy Birthday Wilkins!!!! I know it's going to be hard for me to go over there too. I'm dreading it already! But I'm so proud and everything ya'll have been able to do and get for them! It's sooo wonderful!