Sorry but this needs to be said...

Since when did God hand over his duties and make certain people judge and jury of who is or isn't worthy?

I am seriously over these people who are trying to bring my family down.  Back off!  You are judging and deciding a person's fate and you have no right nor authority.  You need to look in the mirror and realize that judging someone is no different than holding a gun up to their head and pulling the trigger. There is no difference as far as I am concerned and I promise you I wouldn't want to be standing in your shoes on judgement day!  I am not an overly religious person and I can't quote ANYTHING from the Bible but I can tell you that there is no human being on this earth that has the right to condemn someone's soul...if anything you should pray for that person instead of brow beat them.

We are a big family and you don't just get one of us, you get us all...and there are a lot more people out there that are true friends, care about us, and do not judge our actions but only pray for our mistakes than there are of "you people" that would rather knock our legs out from under us rather than give a shoulder to lean on...

To end this rant let me say this :

You that have declared yourself the judge and jury, the end all be all, do not be a hypocrite and smile at me in public.  Do not bother to approach me and pretend that we are friends or that you care for me or my family because I might not be as generous as I was the last time.  I probably won't reply back with "hi", a polite smile, and a few words.  More than likely if you catch me on a good day I will not acknowledge you but find me on a bad day and I might just call you out.  This I can promise you, though, I will not be a hypocrite.

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