So far behind...the story of my life this month!!

Where to start...
The Cardin Christmas...  Here a a couple of pictures:

There were only a few of us there but the ones that were had a blast. 

The Christmas Play was next...

The Christmas Play turned out to be so good...for the first time in years there weren't alot of individual performances.  Every child in the play actually sung...the angels sang together, the wisemen, Mary and Joseph sang together, Lucas and Addy sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and then the little ones sang Happy Birthday Baby Jesus.  It was so cute.  Of course you will notice in one of the pictures that Lucas and Addy are sitting with their backs to one another...they were fighting over who was going to hold the star!!  So for the 2nd year in a row they had a little argument but it was so funny!

Now for the grand finale of this post...
Lucas' Birthday!!

Bro Pat, Sis Tammy, Josh and Ashley, Tyler and Cassi, Sandra, Terina, and Lexie all came over to the house while I was at work for Lucas' 4th bday!!  Little did they know how entertained they were going to be!!  This is the picture I received on my phone while I was at work:

Oh yeah...that's my baby sitting in the toilet!!  Now don't think she got in there all by herself...she does have a cousin, Logan, who is about 4 mths older and was also in the bathroom.  These two are very quiet and very sneaky to where you don't even know they are gone.  Here is the funny part of the story, she wasn't even wet when they got her out.  You want to know why:

That is her blanket in there with toys wrapped up in it and there is also a whole roll of toilet paper under her blanket!!  Needless to say everyone took pictures of her with their phones and there is no telling who all has seen this!!  Whatever did we do without camera phones before now?! 
Ok that gets us caught up to December 20th...Christmas and New Year's will be coming soon with some more of Logan and Wilkins' adventures!!!

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