Planning Wilkins' 4th Birthday Party

Wilkins has decided that she wants Lala Loopsy theme which I thought would be super simple...NOT!!

I am having to look on etsy and pinterest to come up with ideas because I haven't been able to find it in any party store.  Wilkins is so excited about having a birthday party it is hilarious.  Her first two birthdays were in Disney World (so nothing special, right?!) and last year her birthday party had to be cancelled due to the tornadoes so this is really the first time she has had a birthday party.

Tonight she started giving me a list of things for her birthday party:

-A Princess cake
-Mickey Mouse cups
-box w/plastic wheels
-princess bag
-Mickey and Minnie little house
-toy house outside
-a big car that she can drive everywhere even to mammy's house

It took Aunt Haley telling her that she was gonna get her some sparkle Sketchers to figure out that the shoes she wants is Twinkle Toes which translates to "box w/plastic wheels".  The box has "peace" signs on it.  She is hilarious!!  Me, Haley, and mom broke out in laughter when we realized what she was talking about!! 

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  1. I love it! I can't she's going to be 4, and Jameson too in June! It's completely depressing and I'm totally jealous over her sparkle sketchers!!! :)