Two Prayer Requests...

Let me first start by saying that I have been so caught up in my own stress and drama to even post anything for quite sometime.  I am just now to a point to where I actually feel like sharing and asking for everyone's help.  I am not asking for a million dollars or anything just what is meant to be even if it means taking myself out of certain situations.

My first request is personal and family related.  I know that I am selfish because I really want it to work out the way I want but I also know that isn't fair.  In my heart I want what is meant to be, whatever that may be so that everyone involved is where they are suppose to be. If the outcome is not what I particularly want then I just want help to be able to accept it.  It will be really hard for all of us involved if the outcome is one way but I know that with some prayers we can all be accepting.  We have all gotten to the point to where we are willing to let it play out the way it is suppose to.  So it is now out there and out of my hands...

My second request is about my job.  I am a very highly motivated, challenge-seeking, hard working manager but lately I am finding myself slipping into "complacent".  I find myself not really wanting to go to work nor when I get there really caring about things I know that I am suppose to be doing.  I find myself very frustrated with my boss and fellow managers I work with because of the inconsistencies in our store.  So this is where my prayer request comes in...I have been strongly thinking about looking elsewhere for a job.  I don't want to do that because I know my store has lots of potential with the right leader and I have so much time invested with this company.  I believe in this company's mission and have seen it happen but unfortunately due to the leadership now it ain't happpening.  So if it is meant for me to stay with this company I need a sign by the end of July or I am gonna start looking for another job.  I can't continue to go to work and continue to lose my passion and motivation for my career only to come home in tears due to so much frustration. It isn't fair to me nor to my family.

So all thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated and needed both professionally and personally.

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